The New England Herpetological Society has a long history of supporting herpetological endeavors. Check out these links:

Twice every year, NEHS presents the Massachusetts Reptile Expo, the only herptile expo in Greater Boston.

The Cape Ann Vernal Pond Team is an official committee within the NEHS, and also a separate organization. NEHS welcomed them as a way of contributing to the protection of local amphibian habitat.

Read about Red Belly Turtles and the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries & Wildlife’s and NEHS’ efforts to increase hatchling survivals.

Check out The Black Ratsnake Research Project funded in part by NEHS grants.

We have come up with some suggestions for how to deal with bad pet stores.

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has permit requirements for many herptiles. NEHS is an active contributor in the list review and update process. The last time the regulations were reviewed, NEHS formed a committee of a dozen members and submitted a comprehensive list of recommended changes to the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife (DFW). To see that proposal, and some of the surrounding history, click here.